“You know how there’s nothing between “I” and “U”?  It means that through my music, nothing can come between you and I.” #6YearsWithIU

Happy 6th Anniversary IU! I am so proud to be a uaena, am so proud to have you as my role model, and am so proud that you have made it this far into your career. You have never disappointed me when it comes to your music or more importantly, your character. You deserve every success you’ve had so far, and the many more that are to come. Thank you so much for pursing music and for existing, I can’t express it enough. Let’s go on for another 6 years okay? I love you! #6yearswithIU♥

the brown haired lady has left to find her path
she has fallen in love again and is happy once again
it’s a story that has been re-written from the beginning


(9/18/08 - 9/18/14) Happy 6th Anniversary IU

Happy #6YearsWithIU !!!

Honestly, I could write a lot here about how much I adore you. The list could go on and on and probably never stop. But if I can put it all in one sentence (and as cheesy as this sounds): You make me happy. Lee Jieun, you’re the one person that never fails to make me smile with everything you do. I can only hope you’re blessed with all the happiness that you bestow on your fans.

We’re so proud of you, IU. Uaena today, Uaena for years to come ♥


happy 6th anniversary IU // 2008.09.18 ~ 2014.09.18 

thank you for bringing us inspiring music, for cheering us up with your adorable laugh and cute expressions, thank you for your perfect fan service, for making us smile everyday. Uaenas are always proud of you, please remember that 

Happy 6th Anniversary, IU!

Thank you for always working hard, being an inspiration, moving our hearts and taking good care of us Uaenas. Time passes by so fast, our little girl has overcome so many hardships and become a brilliant young lady.

I wish you all the best for the years to come - good health, success in your career, beloved by many. Grow with us, grow as an artist, will you?

Love you lots. ❤

happy 6th year anniversary little cutie!! You’ve worked hard and it’s not easy-for a business world where groups dominate the stage… You stay strong and you keep your focus.. thank you for sharing your music.. it brightens up my day every time I hear any of your songs, it makes me relax and calms..(I’m pretty sure not just me but every UAena around the world)…you’re so genuine and true.. you say what you truly thinks..and you always give time for your fans! :’)

i may not be there for you from the start but I promise to stay with you always till the end.. lets count the days to forever jieunnah!

IU fan challenge: 2/5 favorite live performances
cruel fairy tale - inkigayo 20110313 [x]

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